Turf delivered to your home.  

Turf delivered to your home.  

So easy! We also deliver the turf to your home.

We take care of the transport ourselves, so that the sod is delivered as fresh as possible and we can guarantee our quality. We deliver our sod in the region of Nijmegen, Arnhem, Doetinchem, Boxmeer, Venray, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Tiel, Ede, Wageningen, Zaltbommel and Kreis Kleve. You can easily order the sod via our webshop , here you can indicate your preference for delivery date and we will contact you as soon as possible. We have listed tips for laying sod and maintenance for you here . 

In the map on the left you can see the area where we deliver turf.

Lawn laying tips

Laying a lawn with sod can actually be done in all months of the year, except when it freezes.

A good start is half the work. Preparation is the most important part of laying sod. Good healthy and leveled soil with the correct drainage and height in relation to your paving ensures that you will enjoy your lawn for many years to come.

Sods are fresh rolls of grass that provide a beautiful result quickly and easily! Below we explain in six practical steps how to lay sod in your garden.


You can rent or buy almost all supplies, soil improvers and fertilizers for the construction of your lawn. Take a look at our  webshop  or at  rental . 

Are you unsure? We are happy to give advice! Would you like to have your lawn laid by our team? Request a quote or contact us.

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